Steel and Plating

The steel and chrome tubes we use are shaped and welded before being manually polished and chrome-plated to 35 microns.
The plating process passes through three stages: copper, nickel and chrome.


To cater to a wide range of requirements, we use different types of hide:

Contract leather:
A corrected-grain leather with a thickness of 0.9-1.0. Available at a very economical price, our contract leather is impressively smooth and durable. Contract leather is not to be confused with CROSTA leather, which is an inferior-quality product that we do not use in any of our furniture.

Mid-grain leather:
This is also a corrected-grain leather, but has a thickness of 1.2-1.4, giving even greater durability. The surface of the leather is pebbled. Many manufacturers attempt to pass this type of leather as full-grain, but we prefer to describe it honestly and accurately.

Aniline leather:
This is the best-quality leather for furniture. The grain is uncorrected, so the pores, marks and veins give it a very natural look and feel. In contrast to the previous two types of leather, the surface has not been treated, so any piece of aniline leather may contain smooth, porous and/or pebbled sections. The thickness is between 1.3 and 1.5.

Antique Leather
This is a type of high-quality, smooth WATER REPELLENT aniline leather in a thickness of 1.3/1.5. The “ageing” treatment makes the leather particularly attractive and ideal especially for upholstering certain articles, such as chester sofas or bergere armchairs. Also attractive is the combination of this leather with the modern style of the chromium-plated steel of the structure.

Pony Leather

Pony leather is a natural-hair cowhide, and is available in three color combinations: white/black; white/black/brown and white/brown.

Acid Pony Leather

Natural, hand-treated material. Every skin is unique. The skin is treated in combination with aniline and the colour matches are numerous.


We have an extensive range of fabric samples, including stain-proof and water-repellent fabrics. Our supplier is Interno by Franco Fabbri.
We also have samples of microfiber and alcantara. Just send us an e-mail asking for an estimate customised on the basis of your choice of upholstery.

Foam and Feathers

Every model has its own rubber density. Most of our models, including the Le Corbusier sofas, use IFD 40 foam, while our other models use IFD 50.
The foam itself is then “padded out” with either resinate or Dacron (polyester fiber), depending on the model. When we talk about “feathers”, we should make clear that – except for the headrest of the chaise longue, which is made entirely from feathers – the cushions have inside them a lower layer of foam (the thickness of the foam depends on the model) and an upper layer of feathers.
This upper layer is made exclusively from feathers, and does not contain any foam pellets (if it did, the cushions would be described as “mixed-feather” cushions).


The sheets of marble and glass we use are purchased directly from long-established, expert suppliers that work at the cutting edge of technology, thus guaranteeing the exceptional quality of our raw materials.


Black or white laminate is used exclusively for the surfaces of the “laccio tables”, for the shelves of the “Breuer bookcase” and for the surface of the “dining table” article. In the latter two cases, the wood is multi-ply with a visible natural edge. In no case is plastic laminate used for the surfaces of the Saarinen tables.


Fabric specifically for the construction of the EGG and SWAN CHAIR armchairs. It is a very high quality, soft yet resistant cloth which doesn’t wear out with everyday use.
Our reference is the DIVINA 3 of the KVADRAT Company.

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